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Should unemployment benefits come with strings attached?
In recent months, Congressional Republicans have proposed that any new extension of unemployment benefits come with strict conditions.
Unemployment News
Congress Ponders Adding GED Requirement to Unemployment Benefits
It seems a crazy idea, yet that’s precisely what might happen, depending on negotiations between the House and Senate as the two sides work to decide whether to extend both unemployment insurance.
Unemployment News
Altering Job Market For The Worse
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Tuesday that record levels of long-term unemployment will alter the U.S. job market for the worse for the foreseeable future.
Unemployment News
Faces beyond the numbers of long-term unemployed
Stories about people dealing with being jobless for longer periods of time.
Unemployment News
NFIB Correlation: Retail Sales & Unemployment Poor Sales correlates very highly to the Unemployment Rate. If more people are working, more people are shopping.
Unemployment News
Unemployment Carnage: Help Needed
Who is willing to help the team of unemployed come from behind?
Unemployment News
How To Beat Unemployment Bias
The bad news: unemployment bias is very real. The good news: we might be nearing an end to unemployment bias.
Unemployment News
Veterans finding nothing is easy about job market.
While the nationwide unemployment rate continued its downward trajectory in December to 8.5%, the jobless rate for veterans who have served in the military since 9/11 rose to 13.1%.
Unemployment News
NC lawmakers meet on unemployment fraud prevention
Several North Carolina House members got a crash course on the state's unemployment insurance system as they tried to figure out how to better discourage improper or fraudulent payments.
Unemployment News
US teens struggle to find elusive part-time jobs
The economic turmoil that has left many Americans without work is having a disproportionate effect on teenage job-seekers, whose quest for entry-level positions often pits them against experienced older workers willing to take any job for a paycheck.
Unemployment News
Bills Call For Drug Tests / Volunteering
Republican lawmakers in South Carolina want unemployed people to prove they're not on drugs to qualify for unemployment insurance. And they want the long-term jobless to volunteer part-time to continue receiving benefits.
Unemployment News
A long, steep drop for Americans' standard of living
Not since at least 1960 has the US standard of living fallen so fast for so long. The average American has $1,315 less in annual disposable income now than at the onset of the Great Recession.
Unemployment News
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Bernanke Warns About 'Sharp Change' In Taxes, Spending
U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned lawmakers Tuesday that uncertainty over tax policy and federal spending set to change next year could slow the economic recovery.
Unemployment News
Lawmakers seek to aid unemployed vets
The state Legislature recently passed a set of bills designed to help veterans find work and receive training for those jobs.
Unemployment News
Warning: Unemployment May Be Good For You
We don’t know what the future holds, but I have to believe that my wife’s unemployment has been a key component in making us into who we are today, and we’re going to be better off financially because of it.
Unemployment News
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Congressman wants unemployed drug screened
Rep. Jack Kingston's bill would end benefits for those who fail drug test
Unemployment News
5 Tips To Overcome Long-Term Unemployment
If you’ve been without a job for a long time, here are five tips for breaking through and getting hired, according to Erin Peterson at Aon Hewitt, a global leader in human capital consulting and outsourcing solutions.
Unemployment News
Household Formation: Divorces, Births Correlated with Unemployment
Households are doubling up at high numbers, and there are record numbers of adult children living at home.
Unemployment News
I Am the Face of Unemployment
With the call for “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” at the center of political rhetoric and making headlines daily, it’s time for another glimpse on what it’s really like to live it—firsthand.
Unemployment News
Reinventing Unemployment Insurance
Purchasing private coverage could be made easier through automatic workplace enrollment and access to purchasing cooperatives for independent workers and entrepreneurs
Unemployment News
Unemployment Scars Likely to Last for Years
The U.S. job market is showing signs of a sustained recovery. But the country's prolonged struggle with unemployment will leave scars that are likely to remain for years, if not generations.
Unemployment News
National unemployment drops to 8.3%, lowest in 3 years
The 243,000 increase in payrolls was the most since April and exceeded all forecasts in a Bloomberg News survey, Labor Department figures showed in Washington.
Unemployment News
Why Unemployment Is Terrifying For Elderly
The relationship between age and long-term unemployment is shockingly strong. Here is why.
Unemployment News
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