How To Scare The Hell Out Of Unemployment!

How To Scare The Hell Out Of UnemploymentLike The Quarter Roll, the new book How To Scare The Hell Out Of Unemployment is part of the Bowman's Money College publishing library.

Get the book that has unemployment terrified.
Unemployment thrives on those that aren’t sure how to fight back. Just like a bully, that is also unemployment’s weakness. When you are facing an unusually large and determined bully, like unemployment, it helps to have backup. This book will be your back up, and show you how to scare the hell out of unemployment.

In the book:
1. Real life success stories of people who beat unemployment.
2. Strategies that get you a better job faster.
3. Resumes that truly stand out.
4. Discover where thousands of jobs are hidden.
5. How to make the internet sing your praises.
6. Getting a job is like getting a date. Here's the line that works!
7. Learn how NOT to pay for more education.
8. Reality vs. your imagination: what unemployment really looks like.
9. One real easy way to pay less for everything.
10. The psychology of unemployment.
11. Interview behaviors employers can't seem to resist.
12. How to zap the dreaded employment gap.
Bonus: Understanding unemployment benefits and the help you qualify for.
(Everything you WON'T find in the mail the unemployment office sends you!)

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