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Before They Were Presidents Series
The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment Magazine is happy to bring you our Before They Were Presidents Series. This page will take you to lots of stories and facts about the Presidents before they went to the White House. You will learn that it is very true that in America anyone can become President. Our Presidents have been homeless, sickly, and jobless. Our Presidents have been wealthy, connected, and held prestigious jobs. Some had no children. One had 15 children. Some died in office. Some lived into their 90s. Some taught themselves a trade. Some future Presidents went to Ivy League colleges. They all had interesting stories to tell and you will find many of them right here.
Can I Borrow Money?
President-elect Washington was the wealthiest man in America when he was elected, but he had to borrow money from a neighbor in order to travel to his own inauguration.
Reagan was a sports broadcaster at the University of Iowa, where he was paid $10 per game.
Bar Fight
A drunk bar patron armed with two pistols once called Theodore Roosevelt "4 Eyes". Find out why this was a big mistake.
Abraham Lincoln is the only president to receive a patent. He also received a saloon license to dispense liquor in Springfield, Illinois, but he never used it.
Accomplished Musician
Find out what musical instruments John Tyler played, but gave up to pursue his new passion.
Behind the pulpit?
No, James Madison gave up on his ideas of becoming a preacher and aggressively pursued politics as a young man.
Sports Team Owner
Was it George Bush's time as a stickball champ and cheerleader that prepped him for sport team ownership?
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesNeed A New Suit?
At the age of 14 Johnson started training as a tailor, a skill he continued to use even as a politician.

Entertaining Presidential financial storiesThe Looker
Franklin Pierce may have been known for good looks, but here is why he was a "town meeting moderator".

Entertaining Presidential financial storiesFootball Scholarship
National Signing Day happens in February, and here is another college student who used football to pay for college.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesRare Club
Martin Van Buren is in a rare sub group of Presidents who did not go to college. So, how did he become an attorney?
Prisoner of War
Want to guess how young Andrew Jackson was when he was held as a prisoner of war? Hint: guess low!

Entertaining Presidential financial storiesSalesman
In 1925 Truman lost his reelection bid and took a job selling AAA automobile club memberships for $15.00 each.


Electric Bills
Not only was the Carter family fortunate enough to have one light bulb in their home, but their electricity bill was $10.00!
“I came to Congress with $10,000.00 in assets and a law firm worth $10,000.00. Now I have neither.”
Newspaper Writer
This hardworking newspaper man went to the inventor of corn flakes for relaxation and health maintenance.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesWill You Marry Me?
Johnson and his wife, Claudia "Lady Bird" Alta Taylor, were married with a $2.50 wedding ring bought at Sears Roebuck.
Canal Boy
Garfield's first job lasted six weeks on the Ohio canal boats, during which time he fell overboard 14 times, finally catching such a fever that he had to return home.
Nixon won around $6,000.00 in poker games, which he used to fund his first congressional campaign.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesPaying Rent
Adams agreed to pay his boss $100.00 per month plus a fee for his room and board.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesReporter
William Taft was so good at reporting the news from the courts that he was offered the large sum of $25 a week to keep doing it.
Read Your Palm?
During his second honeymoon with Eleanor, a French fortune teller told him he would become President some day!
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesGrades
Why would a nun give this incredibly bright student a "D" on his report card?
Searching For Gold
This geologist was searching for gold when Hoover was promoted to mining manager at the age of 23.
After 6 stellar years of military service during the Revolution, this solider received perhaps the best letter of recommendation from a boss in history!
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesApprentice
At the age of 14, Fillmore’s dad “apprenticed” him (it was indentured servitude) to a cloth maker in New Hope, NY.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesNegotiator
Ulysses Grant's first lesson in business negotiations didn't go exactly as planned.

Entertaining Presidential financial storiesIce Cream
Vanilla, mint chip and rocky road! These may have been some of Barack Obama's favorite flavors when he was making ice cream cones at his summer job!

Tuition Bill
Since Calvin Coolidge was from out of town, guess how many quarters he had to pay for his high school tuition?
In March of 1786 Jefferson was struggling to pay his personal debts and the debts he inherited when his father in law died.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesShuffling Paperwork
Ever feel like the amount of paperwork at your job is overwhelming? Paperwork is what got James Polk involved in stellar political career.
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesTranslator
There were very few translators who spoke French when John Quincy Adams was a teen so guess what he got to do!
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesWorking With Mud
John Kennedy's first job was far from glamorous and he certainly didn't clean up with a large paycheck either!
Entertaining Presidential financial storiesEstate Planning
William Harrison's father's will left his entire estate to William's older brother. With no inheritance Harrison joined the military.
In 1819 his fiancée died. That trauma made Buchanan vow he would never marry.
Public Defender
Using his natural charm and his elite training, he defended society's outcasts, often managing to save them from the gallows.
Elegant Arthur
Chester Arthur was nicknamed "Elegant Arthur" for his fashion sense. He had quite a wardrobe: 80 pairs of pants.
Highly Paid Hangman
In 1863 Cleveland was 32 years old and received a well paying sheriff's position in Buffalo County, where he personally hanged two convicted murderers.
Second Job
During tough times Benjamin Harrison took a second job as the town's court crier for $2.50 a day.
College Professor
Many considered Woodrow Wilson to be an intellectual, however, most didn't realize he was dyslexic and didn't learn the alphabet until he was 9 and couldn't read until he was 11.
Military Scholarship
Unable to pay for college, Eisenhower
applied to West Point because he was told military colleges were free.
Poor Student
One of 6 Presidents born in a log cabin, Taylor's writing, spelling, and grammar were crude and unrefined throughout his life, but he had a stellar military career.
Oil Executive
After being turned down by Proctor and Gamble Bush got a entry level clerking job at a oil drilling company based in Texas and was paid $375.00 per month.
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