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A Comparison Of College Tuition Costs In Pittsburgh

There are a variety of ways to pay for college, but the first thing you need to do is determine what your financial need will actually be.

Here is a list comparing tuition costs of colleges around Pittsburgh.

As of September 2011    
College Tuition Per Semester / Term Typical Fees Per Semester / Term
Carnegie Mellon University $21,580.00 $850.00
Chatham University $14,606.00 $200.00 + $350.00
Duquesne University $14,000.00 (average - varies by study) $88.00 per credit
St. Vincent College $12,675.00 Varies
Carlow University $11,648.00 $104.00
Point Park University $11,450.00 $250.00 + $160.00
Robert Morris University $11,203.00 $180.00 + $125.00
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary $9,540.00 per full year Minimal - see list
The Art Institute $7,792.00 per quarter Varies by program
University of Pittsburgh $7,636.00 (varies by study) $80.00 + $85.00 + $175.00 + $90.00
Community College of Allegheny County $87.25/Credit  $50.40
Pittsburgh Technical Institute $36,870.00 for 24 months College says they charge no fees

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