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Almost Frugal "Almost Frugal is a blog about learning to manage our money in a way that helps us meet our goals."
Always Frugal "Providing money saving tips for the frugal consumer."
Ask Mr. Credit Card "Helping you understand credit cards."
Bargain Babe "Daily tips for savvy spenders."
Bargain Briana "Because bargains don't always find themselves."
Bargaineering "Enjoying the things you love doing..."
Being Frugal "Live More. Spend Less."
Better Budgeting "A free money saving tips ezine."
Bill Shrink "A cost-savings tool that works continuously to save you money on your everyday expenses."
Blunt Money "Writing about personal finance since August of 2006"
Budgets Are Sexy "A personal finance blog that won't put you to sleep."
Can Do Finance "The source for your money and personal finance needs."
Cash Money Life "Personal finance and career."
Cheap Living Tips "When the going gets tough, the tough get tight!"
Christian Personal Finance "Helping you manage your money wisely and according to timeless Biblical principles."
Clark Howard "How to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off."
Common Sense With Money "Live well for less."
Coupon Cravings "Fantastic deals, freebies and coupons."
Dave Ramsey Fight the "stupid tax".
Deal Seeking Mom "Living the good life while spending less."
Debt Reduction Lessons "How to get out of debt."
Dinks Finance "Market trends, financial news, and general business topics."
Dollar Stretcher "Living better for less."
Dough Roller "Make more. Spend Less. Invest the rest."  
Dumb Little Man "Tips for life."  
Faith and Finance "Become a better steward of your money."  
Festival of Frugality "Home of the weekly carnival that helps you pinch pennies out of dollars."  
Finance For A Freelance Life "Budgeting ideas. Information about managing credit, credit cards, and credit card debt."  
Finance For Families "Guide to a secure, debt free financial future for you and your family."  
Financial Highway "Your highway to financial freedom."  
Financial Web "Independent Financial Portal"  
Finding Financial Peace "Taking steps to financial peace."  
Five Cent Nickel "Because money matters."  
For The Mommas "Finding values for your family."  
Free By 50 "Working to retire by 50."  
Free From Broke "A personal finance blog for regular folks."  
Free Financial Advice "Ways to Save Money, Make Money and Get Out of Debt."  
Free Money Finance "Grow your net worth."  
Frugal Babe "A rich life without a lot of money."  
Frugal Dad "Making frugal cool again."  
Frugal Housewife "Tips for getting good deals, using coupons, and other money saving tips."  
Frugal Pinoy "Personal finance for Filipinos."  
Frugal Village "Emphasizes simplicity, family values and eco-frugality."  
Gather Little By Little "He who gathers money little by little makes it grow."  
Get Rich Slowly "Personal finance that makes cents."  
Girls Just Wanna Have Funds "Dedicated to the woman that wants to take charge of her personal finances."  
Give Me Back My Five Bucks "A quest for financial independence........."  
Green Panda Tree House "Personal Finance for the 20's."  
Happy Housewife "Where Martha meets real life."  
How I Save Money "Tips and tricks to save money, manage credit and reduce debt."  
How To Get Out Of Debt Fast "Take control of your finances once and for all."  
I'll Teach You To Be Rich "Personal finance and entrepreneurship for college students, recent college grads, and everyone else."  
Independent Beginnings "Personal Finance, Frugality, and Independent Living for Young Adults."  
Invest It Wisely "Maximizing your EV in life."  
Investor Trader "One man. One site. One aim."  
I Pick Up Pennies "Frugality in an imperfect world."  
Jemstep "Jemstep helps investors of all levels make better investment decisions."  
Joseph Sangl "You can win with money."  
Just Nifty Thrifty "Thrifty tips, product reviews, and giveaways."  
KClau "Personal Finance Money Tips."  
Keeping The Kingdom First "Balancing faith, family, and frugality."  
Lazy Man and Money "Saving money and making more money"  
Little House In The Valley "A blog about personal finance, saving for a home, and little house plans."  
Little People Wealth "Spend small to live large."  
Live Cheaply "Live the good life....cheaply."  
Live Richly On A Budget "Personal Budget Blog."  
Living Well On Less Simply Frugal. Simply Healthy. Simply Happy."  
Man Vs. Debt "Sell your crap. Pay off your debt. Do what you love."  
Mighty Bargain Hunter "Blogging on personal finance since 2005."  
Money and Stuff "Grab hold of your future."  
Money and Such "Personal Finance and Other Things that Come to Mind."  
Money Beagle "Personal finance....with a bark."  
Money Green Life "Increase Your Net Worth By Saving More Money."  
Money Instructor "Teach and learn money skills, personal finance, money management, and more..."  
Money Ning "Saving money, investing, frugal living, coupons, and promo codes."  
Money Saving Expert "Cutting your costs. Fighting your corner."  
Money Saving Mom "Helping you be a better home economist."  
Money Smart Life "Money tips for a better life."  
Monkey Bizness "Being creative and making unique eco-friendly products."  
Momentum Musings "Employment, Staffing, Economy, and Common Sense."  
Mommies With Cents "Because every cent counts."  
Moolanomy "Earn more. Spend less. Live smarter."  
Mr. & Mrs. Not Made Of Money "Money saving tips for a debt free life."  
My Dollar Plan "Because money doesn't grow on trees."  
My Investing Blog "....teach your money to think."  
My Journey To Eliminate Debt "My journey to eliminate debt."  
My Money Blog "A blog about earning and saving more money."  
My Two Dollars "A place to discuss money....for the rest of us."  
Non Finance Pro "Finance for non-Finance Professionals."  
No Credit Needed "We are living debt free."  
No More Spending "Debt free living."  
No Debt Plan "Out of debt & building wealth."  
Oblivious Investor "Simple, low maintenance investing."  
One Mint "Helps you make better financial decisions."  
One Money Design "Helping people achieve true financial freedom."  
Out Of Debt Again "We did if before. We can do it again."  
Paid Twice "Frugal living and debt reduction tips for a better financial future."  
Personal Finance - do it yourself "Manage your financial status and make your money earn for you."  
Planet Money From NPR  
Plonkee Money "An Englisher's thoughts on money."  
Practical Money Skills "Financial Literacy for Everyone."  
PT Money "Money and all things personal finance."  
The Quarter Roll "No More Worry."  
Quips & Tips For Money & Love "Where money tips and love tips meet, and live happily ever after…"  
Rabbit Funds "Breeding money...saving choices."  
Saved Quarter "Making the most of meager means."  
Saving Advice "Getting the most out of every dollar you spend."  
Saving Dollars and Sense "Deals, coupons, freebies, giveaways, and ideas."  
Saving Freak "Save at least 40% on everything you buy."  
Saving Makes Cents "Saving money saving shopping trips and tips."  
Saving Toolbox "Helping you find the best deals on savings accounts, checking accounts, and other savings vehicles."  
Savvy Life "Smart Spending, Rich Living"  
Savvy Sugar "It Makes Sense."  
Sense To Save "There is more to saving money than common sense."  
Simple Dollar "Financial talk for the rest of us."  
Single Guy Money "Personal finance from a single guy's point of view."  
Smart Money From the Wall Street Journal  
Swim Upstream To Wealth "Thinking differently than conventional wisdom."  
Suddenly Frugal "Frugal lifestyle."  
Suburban Dollar "Where finance and reality meet."  
Suze Orman "People first. Then money. Then things."  
Thankfully Thrifty "Thrifty spending with a thankful heart."  
Thousandaire "How to manage your financial situation today, tomorrow and all the way until retirement."  
Tightwad Blog "A girl's guide to living on less."  
Tip Hero "Your guide to saving money."  
Total Bankruptcy "A blog about bankruptcy."  
Tough Money Love "The Hard Truth about Money and Personal Finance."  
Ultimate Money Blog "A variety of tips on saving money, living green, getting out of debt, and living simpler."  
Upside of Money "Understanding money – how to save it, invest it and spend it."  
Weakonomics "Everything That's Wrong With You And Your Money"  
Wealthy Geek "Internet guide to money management."  
Wealth Wisher "Master your money."  
Wise Bread "Living large on a small budget."  
Wizardz of Wealth "The a, b, Zs of creating wealth."  
WSJ Personal Finance From the Wall Street Journal  
You Need A Budget "Budget software and blog."  
Young and Thrifty "Saving generation Y."  
Your Family Finances "Predicting trends and profit opportunities....."  
Your Money From the New York Times  
Zen Habits "Smile. Breathe. Go Slowly."  
Other lists    
Ask the Advisor's Top 100    


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