Edward Steichen
"One of his most famous photographs was of J.P. Morgan, the powerful financier. Steichen was taking it for a portrait painter who found Morgan too restless to sit still. Carefully preparing the shot and lighting beforehand with a janitor as stand in, Steichen accomplished the job using only three minutes of Morgan's time; the pleased Morgan rewarded Steichen with a roll of hundred-dollar bills.........."
Great Lives From History, page 2150, 1987

Cornelius Vanderbuilt
Steamship and Railroad Industries
"At 16, his attraction for the sea became so strong that he announced to his mother he was running away from home to become a sailor. His mother intervened, and the two reached an agreement. Vanderbuilt would be paid one hundred dollars to plough some hard, rough family land, and his earnings would be used to purchase a boat. Vanderbuilt quickly closed his first "contract" . Like a crafty Tom Sawyer, he enlisted help from the neighborhood boys, promising his workers rides in his new boat. Vanderbuilt put his new boat to work immediately and spent sixteen hours a day ferrying passengers for eighteen cents a trip. At the end of the first year, he repaid his mother teh one hundred dollars and earned an additional one thousand dollars as well. At the end of the second year, he gave her one thousand dollars and bought partial interest in several other boats."
Great Lives From History, page 2377, 1987




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