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Harrison Ford - Career & Financial Facts

Trivia questions about Harrison Ford. Financial and career trivia and facts about actor Harrison Ford.1. Even though Harrison Ford made some money playing 9 ball pool while in college in 1963 he had a bad habit of using credit cards. During Christmas break 1963 he discovered he owed over $2,500. Source

2. Ford's father paid $2,000 a year for Harrison's college education. However, even after his parents spent at least $8,000.00 on his education Harrison did not graduate. Source

3. In order to pay off his credit debt Harrison Ford and a friend started a humor magazine. They made $10,000 from advertising & paid off all their debt and expenses. Source

4. Harrison briefly worked on a yacht as a cook. Page 25 He also worked in a clothing store while in college. Source

5. Harrison signed a contract with Columbia when he was 23 years old for "about $150.00 a week" and he and his wife Mary were paying $75 a month for rent. Page 76

6. Harrison Ford is an accomplished carpenter and utilized the craft as a way to supplement his income when his earlier movie roles weren't bringing in as much as he needed to support his growing family. Source

7. Ford worked as a stagehand for the rock band The Doors. Source

8. Harrison Ford did carpentry work for director George Lucas, ultimately leading to him landing his two most pivotal roles: 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones.' Source

9. Harrison Ford bought his first home for $18,500. Source

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