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*The bottom half of all earners has 2.5% of all wealth in America. The top 1% owns 33.8% of all wealth. Source

*The bottom half of all earners owns 0.5% of all stocks in America. The top 1% owns 50.9% of all stocks. Source

*Do you agree? 61% of us say we hear mostly bad news about economy. From Pew Research Center

*A third of Americans say they are in the lower classes Source

*People younger than 30 are more often stating they are in the lower economic classes. Source

*Many in the lower economic class say it's harder now to get ahead than it was 10 years ago. Source

*Americans believe that having a secure job is by far the most important requirement for being in the middle class. Source

*86% of adults say a person needs a secure job to be considered part of the middle class. Source

*Many people think that having health insurance is part of being in the middle class. Source

*What do you think it takes to be part of the "middle class"? A job, education, insurance? Source

*% of people who say rich people are more likely to be more greedy than others: 55% Source

*% of people who say rich people are less likely to be honest than others: 34% Source

*% of people who say rich people are more likely to be more intelligent than others: 43% Source

*% of people who say rich people are more likely to be more hardworking than others: 42% Source

*A 2009 Pew Research Center survey reported that 14% of people in their prime childbearing years put off having a child because of the recession.

*$3.7 Trillion - the 2012 United States budget.

*The largest components of federal spending are Social Security and Medicare programs for the elderly (33.5% of total outlays in 2010) and national defense (20.1%).

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