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*In 2006, the United States Census Bureau determined that there were nearly 1.5 billion credit cards in use in the U.S. Source:

*FICO says that 90% of the top 100 banks use the FICO score when making decisions. Source

*Online credit card use is expected to surge 63% from 2011 to 2016. Source

*As of 2011, Experian is the only one of the three major credit bureaus reporting the payment history of renters.

*Payments made with credit cards on Black Friday 2011 jumped 7.4% from the same day a year earlier. Source

*Credit card mailings have surged 85% since the beginning of 2010 to 1.3 billion credit card offers in the third quarter of 2011. Source

*Your actual FICO score ranges from 300-850, and you have 3 separate FICO scores for each credit reporting agency EQ, EX, and TU. Source

*The average household in 2010 carried nearly $6,500 in credit card debt.

*Regulations require lenders to provide a credit score and related information when they deny a consumer's request for credit or provide credit with less favorable credit terms than other consumers with better credit histories. Source

*The average person seeking a credit counselor carries a balance on two credit cards.

*From 1990 to 2000, the number of Americans seeking the help of a credit counselor doubled.

*Nearly 75% of those seeking help from a credit counselor held a credit card.

*College students carry an average of $552 in credit card debt.

*On average, today's consumer has a total of 13 credit obligations. Of these 13 credit obligations, nine are likely to be credit cards and four are likely to be installment loans.

*Less than half of all consumers have ever been reported as 30 or more days late on a payment. Source

*7% of all consumers have never had a loan or account that was 90+ days overdue. Less than 20% of U.S. consumers have ever had a loan or account closed by the lender due to default. Source

*About 40% of credit card holders carry a balance of less than $1,000. About 15% have total card balances in excess of $10,000. Source

*48% of consumers carry less than $5,000 of debt, while nearly 37% carry more than $10,000 of non-mortgage-related debt as reported to the credit reporting agencies. Source

*The typical consumer has access to approximately $19,000 on all credit cards combined. Source

*The average consumer initiated only one inquiry within the past year. Fewer than 6% had four or more inquiries over the past year. Source

*Experian's 2012 report says that Minneapolis, MN residents have the best credit scores in the country. Harlingen, Texas has the worst. Where does your city fit in? Get more information

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