Pennsylvania State Capitol Free Tour

pa state capitol tour

What you must see:
1. The grounds around Capitol building. (More Pics Here!)
The grounds of the Capitol are actually referred to as "Capitol Park". Visitors can walk around the entire Capitol building and admire the amazing architecture.

2. Welcome Center.
While you are in Harrisburg at the Capitol be sure to stop at the Welcome Center. There are lots of exhibits that teach both kids and adults about the Capitol, as well as, the Pennsylvania state government.

3. The Capitol's rotunda.
Right inside the front entrance of the PA State Capitol building is the rotunda. It is an incredible display of workmanship! Enjoy the beauty of the building as well as the large displays of Civil War and Pennsylvania historical artifacts. (Also note this is where the free tour starts.)

4. Supreme Court.
The free Capitol tour includes a visit into the courtroom of Pennsylvania's Supreme Court. There is lots of history in this room and you can see where PA's seven Supreme Court justices hear the state's most important cases.

5. Senate and House of Representatives.
You will get to view the chambers of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Much of the fixtures and furniture have been in the chambers for over 100 years. Here is where the Pennsylvania government does their work.

PA State Capitol Free Tour
Adults: $0 / Seniors: $0 / Children 6 - 12: $0. Metered street parking is available.
North 3rd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120  Phone: 1-800-868-7672
More Information On The PA Capitol Free Tour

pennsylvania state capitol free tour pennsylvania state capitol free tour pennsylvania state capitol free tour pennsylvania state capitol free tour pennsylvania state capitol free tour
Senate Supreme Court Historical Landmark House Rotunda

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While you are in Harrisburg visiting the Capitol don't forget to visit Governor's residence, Hershey Chocolate World, or even the Pennsylvania State Farm Show. Keep in mind a reservation is needed so call ahead to coordinate with your Capitol tour visit.

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