Mountaineer Horse Racing Track

Mountaineer Horse Racing Track

What you must see:
1. Track (More Pics Here!)
At the Mountaineer there are plenty of spots to watch the action, but you can walk right up to the track to watch if you prefer.

2. Warmups / Arena
The Mountaineer's outdoor arena is used during warmer months. Here you can watch the horses warming up for the race.

3. Outside Deck
There is a concession area inside the Mountaineer, but you can also buy food and beverages out on a large deck where you can sit and watch the race while enjoying your snacks.

4. Barn
In the Mountaineer's barn you can see the horses getting saddled during the colder months. Its all inside so you and the horses stay warmer!

5. Mutuel Windows
Of course, you don't have to make a bet to enjoy the race action, but it can enhance the entire experience. Look for both automated and staffed "mutuel windows" throughout the racing area to place a bet.

Mountaineer Horse Racing Track
Admission and parking is FREE. Ample parking is available around the horse track.
More Race Track Information
Mountaineer Horse Racing Track Mountaineer Horse Racing Mountaineer Horse Racing Track Mountaineer Horse Racing Mountaineer Horse Track
Outdoor Arena The Barn Warming Up Tote Board The Track

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Children are welcome to the horse track, but note that there is a lot of gambling and smoking going on. All other gambling areas are segregated from the track area; for example, no one under 21 is allowed near the slot machines.

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