Hoover Historical Center - Christmas On Hoover Farm

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What you must see:
1. William Hoover farm and tannery. (More Pics Here!)
Did you know that William Henry "Boss" Hoover's first business was a leather tannery, not a vacuum business. In fact he did NOT invent vacuum cleaners, he bought the patent to one and then began building and selling vacuums.

2. Hoover family original belongings.
This is the house that vacuum cleaner entrepreneur William Henry "Boss" Hoover lived in during his childhood. Today, it serves as a museum filled with vacuums and products built and sold by Hoover over the years.

3. Wagon rides.
The Christmas celebration at the Hoover House also includes horse drawn wagon rides. There is small fee for the ride. 

4. Cookies, hot chocolate, and treats.
After touring the Hoover House be sure to stop in the Hoover's tannery. This is where the Hoovers once made custom leather goods, but during Christmas nowadays its loaded with holiday cookies and hot chocolate!

5. Santa Claus.
Perhaps one of the best surprises of the Hoover House holiday celebration is a visit with Santa Claus. Kids can have their picture taken with him and let him know what the want for Christmas!

Hoover Historical Center
No admission is charged to "experience the legacy," however, donations are appreciated and graciously accepted.
1875 East Maple Street, North Canton, OH 44720 (330) 499-0287
More Information About Hoover Historical Center

hoover historical center christmas on hoover farm hoover historical center christmas on hoover farm hoover historical center
Caroling Hoover Home Wagon Rides Cookies Santa

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You are allowed to take pictures throughout the home and museum. Keep in mind you are not far from the National First Ladies Library and President William McKinley Museum in Canton, Ohio. Considering making those stops part of your trip to the area!

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