Heinz Field Tour

What you must see:
1. The Field (More Pics Here!)
You will not be allowed to actually walk on the field, but if you simply must feel the grass you can kneel down and touch it at the edge of the paved area.

2. The Great Hall
The Great Hall inside Heinz Field is somewhat of a museum and a shrine to Steelers football. View trophies, and other pieces of Steelers history.

3. The Press Box
This room has one of the best views of the field. Here you can see the stadium from the same birds-eye view the commentators and reporters enjoy.

4. Locker Room
The Steelers' locker room is huge and allows you see where key pre-game team meetings and half time strategy happens.

5. Men Of Steel Plaque
You can touch The Men of Steel plaque that hangs outside the Steelers' locker room just like the players do on their way out to all the home games.

Heinz Field Tours
Adults = $7.00 Students/Children (ages 18 and under) = $5.00
Senior Citizens (ages 55 and up) = $5.00    More Heinz Field Tour Information
The Great Hall Locker Room Steel Plaque Artwork In Stadium Insider's Look

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Be sure to check the the stadium's schedule before going. Concerts, games, and special events will mean a normally scheduled tour is cancelled.

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