Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store

Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store

What you must see:
1. Unique Gifts (More Pics Here!)
The Boyer Candy Outlet Store is loaded with unique gifts. Big fan of the Mallo Cup or Smoothie? You will love these gifts tailored to candy lovers.

2. Candy "Rejects"
Any candy that doesn't meet Boyer's high standards is sold at a discount. The candy is still delicious, but the wrapping may not be 100% perfect, for example.

3. New Candy
You can also buy "retail ready" candy at the outlet store, but for much less than you would pay at the grocery or discount stores.

4. Vintage Photos
When you walk into the Boyer Candy Outlet Store you will find many vintage photos of the factory. Its an interesting walk down memory lane. Can you spot the photo of the Three Stooges with Mallo Cups?

5. Videos
As you walk through the outlet store you will find various videos playing. They tell how the candy is made and Boyer Candy history. 

Boyer Candy Outlet Store
Entrance and parking is FREE. In a few cases there are limits to the amount of discounted candy you can buy.
821 17th St. Altoona, PA 16602 814-944-9401
More Information On The Boyer Candy Outlet Store
Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store Boyer Candy Altoona Outlet Store
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6. Contact Information
Like most outlet stores The Boyer Candy Outlet Store sells their discounted candy in larger quantities (in 5 pound bags, for example). However, you can still buy retail ready candy in regular quantities.

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