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From the January / February 2012 issue of The Quarter Roll

Did you get a pay raise in 2011?

Here are the 11 occupations that had paychecks go up in 2011 and how much they increased, based on PayScale’s data:

1. Social Service Jobs: 2.1%
2. Science and Biotech Jobs: 1.9%
3. Architecture and Engineering Jobs: 1.2%
4. Information Technology Jobs: 1.2%
5. Media and Publishing Jobs: 0.8%
6. Art and Design Jobs: 0.8%
7. Health Care Practitioners and Technical Health Care Jobs: 0.6%
8. Human Resources Jobs: 0.6%
9. Accounting and Finance Jobs: 0.5%
10. Administrative and Clerical Jobs: 0.3%
11. Marketing and Advertising Jobs: 0.3%

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