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25 cities with the most bankcard debt per person in December 2010.

1. San Antonio, Texas $5,177
2. Jacksonville, Florida $5,115
3. Atlanta, Georgia $4,960
4. Honolulu, Hawaii $4,939
5. Dallas, Texas $4,936
6. Norfolk, Virgina $4,925
7. Seattle, Washington $4,877
8. Austin, Texas $4,791
9. Richmond, Virginia $4,771
10. San Diego, California $4,673
11. Baltimore, Maryland $4,645
12. Columbus, Ohio $4,361

Source: www.experian.com

From the July / August 2011 issue of The Quarter Roll

13. Denver, Colorado $4,608
14. Tallahassee, Florida $4,605
15. Colorado Springs, CO $4,601
16. Las Vegas, Nevada $4,599
17. Washington, D.C. $4,598
18. Augusta, Georgia $4,575
19. Reno, Nevada $4,575
20. Spokane, Washington $4,572
21. Savannah, Georgia $4,570
22. Phoenix, Arizona $4,559
23. Miami, Florida $4,555
24. Montgomery, Alabama $4,532
25. Orlando, Florida $4,525
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