Is Your Job Building You Up Or Breaking Your Down?

From the September / October edition of The Quarter Roll

Your job is a major part of your life. For most of us it is a necessity, and therefore, will be part of our routine, whether we like it or not. Is your work allowing you to live life or just survive it? All the things that come with a job have some degree of influence on your enjoyment of life. Think about your physical work environment. Is it gray and lifeless or colorful and vibrant? What about your boss? Is she cold and callous or understanding and supportive? Are your co-workers annoying or interesting? Are there benefits that allow you to balance career and family, or are the hours and pay oppressive toward your social and home life?

“Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you are usually right.” Henry Ford
If you love the work you do, enjoy the conditions and people you work with, and earn an income that allows you to live a fulfilling life, you are a blessed person. Finding the right combination of passion, fulfillment, and earnings is possible, but eludes many of us for a variety of reasons. If you dread the thought of your workplace (even if you were earning a reasonable living) is your workplace much different from a corrections institution from which escape seems impossible? It can be discouraging when faced with obstacles that keep us from finding that magic work combination, but for as many obstacles we face, there are as many solutions. Taking proactive and regular action toward your dream job can get you there.

Digging your way to personal freedom.
In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, Andy Defresne is a prisoner who was at the edge of a deep depression when he was faced with the reality of spending the rest of his life in conditions he found unbearable. While his best friend, Red, and fellow prisoners had given up on the thought of leaving, Andy made a choice to find a way. It seemed like an impossible task, but eventually Andy did escape by tunneling out of his cell toward freedom. He didn’t accomplish this all at once, but rather by taking one pocketful of dirt out of his cell each day and quietly dumping it outside, he eventually created a tunnel to freedom. Consistent, small actions performed every day provided Andy a path toward his goal of freedom.

“In the main it will be found that a power over a man's support (salary) is a power over his will” – Alexander Hamilton
If you have determined that you will not be held captive by a job that doesn’t pay a reasonable rate, offer realistic benefits, or leaves you feeling drained or depressed you can take small steps every day that will allow you to find the work that excites you. Make yourself valuable and marketable. Identify what it is you want out of employment and how you will acquire the skills, resources, or contacts you need in order to achieve that goal.

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