Wonder Woman's clothing choice for work

May 16, 2011 Not many people could deny that Wonder Woman does a great job at work. Wonder Woman works for the honest and law abiding American citizens, of course, and is a model worker who is intelligent, competent, and resourceful. Wonder Woman is also a great American patriot as her theme song suggests: ".......in her satin tights, fighting for your rights, and the old red, white, and blue"!

However, for all of Wonder Woman's virtues at work, she does have one major problem. She takes a lot of heat over her choice in work clothes. Over the last month Wonder Woman has received many complaints that her clothing is inappropriate for work. In fact there have been so many complaints that it is one of the main reasons Wonder Woman is about to be fired.

There are enough challenges you will face at work these days, and you don't want your wardrobe to be something that is holding you back or even threatening your employment. Back in April 2011 we wrote "It may not be fair or a even an accurate way of evaluating someone, but we are judged by our appearance. Study after study demonstrate how our appearance affects our success and interaction with others. If you are at a job interview, sales call, or giving a presentation of some sort, your appearance could help drive your points or completely distract others from the value your words and expertise bring." Take a lesson from Wonder Woman and dress appropriately for work today!

Read the story about Wonder Woman's clothing here.


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