NFL players making a positive difference with their time off this summer.

July 22, 2011 There were 10 NFL players arrested this summer, but there are also many positive stories coming from the NFL players' ranks. Here are just 9 stories of NFL players making a positive difference for themselves and others this summer. 

1. Sione Po’uha from the New York Jets: created Bula (, a relaxation drink from his South Pacific roots made of Kava, Valerian and Rose Hip.
2. Troy Polamalu from the Pittsburgh Steelers: returned to American Samoa for the 2nd time to hold his Troy Polamalu Foundation football camp for Samoan children.
3. Amobi Okoye from the Houston Texans: donated part of the proceeds from his summer camp to the Shawnee Youth Golden Eagles in Louisville, Kentucky, after a fire destroyed the program's athletic equipment.
4. John Gilmore of the Buccaneers and Chad Henne of the Dolphins: organized and participated in park makeovers in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
5. Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers: visited campers at the Colonial All-Pro Camp at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg.
6. Patrick Chung from the New England Patriots: visited fourth-graders at Betsey B. Winslow Elementary School and talked about nutrition and staying healthy.
7. Syd'quan Thompson from the Denver Broncos: hosted free football clinic at his former high school - Grant High School.
8. Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens: This summer he's talked to elementary- and middle-school students all over Baltimore, thanked a group of sponsors and guests at the Touchdown for Pigtown fundraiser for Paul's Place, returned to his hometown for Ray Rice Day in June and held a blocking dummy at his football camp at Towson University.
9. Robert Mathis from the Indianapolis Colts: hosted the Robert Mathis Football Camp at Alabama A&M

How you spend your time away from work is important.
Time away from work is about recharging so you can come back to work stronger. It is also about investing in yourself.  Teaching is one way to do that. When you teach someone else how to do what you do you will become better at your craft. A great example comes from the football players who hosted training camps for kids this summer. Why not spend some time starting your own side business like Sione Po'uha did? Having a back up plan doesn't hurt in today's economy....even if you are a professional football player! Another great idea is to network with others while you volunteer. Take a look at the example John Gilmore and Chad Henne gave. They volunteered their time and labor in cleaning up local parks. What a great way to be involved in the community and grow your network; another key strategy in remaining marketable in the workplace. What other examples of making a positive difference this summer have you seen?
NFL players making a positive difference

Aaron Rodgers

NFL players making a positive difference

Troy Polamalu

NFL players making a positive difference

John Gilmore

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