Matt and Jeff Hardy - a story about getting your dream job

Want something inspirational to watch at home this weekend? Rent WWE - Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story. It is a documentary about two skinny kids who dreamed of becoming professional wrestlers. Even if you are not a wrestling fan or know who Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy are, this is a great story about getting your dream job. Here are how 4 reasons why these two brothers got the job of their dreams.

1. Got in the game
Even as a young kid Matt Hardy knew he wanted to be a professional wrestler. Young kids who want to grow up to be business people open up a lemonade stand. What do boys who want to be professional wrestlers do? They start their own backyard wrestling promotion of course. All of the success the Hardys had and the obstacles they overcame can be attributed to the fact that they simply started. They just got in the game by doing it on their own.

First, Matt built a ring with wood, old garden hose, and a trampoline. Then he recruited other neighborhood boys to wrestle and practice the moves they watched on TV. Over time they became so good at copying the fights on television that they would hold their own matches in front of audiences made up of neighbors. (Of course, professional wrestling shows strongly warn AGAINST this kind of thing!)

These matches attracted more and more attention until Matt had the opportunity to start promoting real matches in local halls. With more and more people hearing about these kids the audiences got bigger.

2. Got a great mentor
Matt and Jeff attracted the attention of a retired professional wrestler who agreed to help them meet people in the pro wrestling world. This first mentor turned out to be less than a stand up character, but the time spent with him did allow the Hardys to meet more influential people. Later on their career they were mentored by Michael Hayes, another retired and successful professional wrestler, whose wisdom and experience dramatically influenced the professional development of the Hardys.

3. Worked hard
Matt and Jeff Hardy were good enough to be hired as temporary help at World Wrestling Entertainment. That meant they would not receive contracts, benefits, or guarantees of more work. What it did mean was that they would help with chores, as well as, basically serve as training dummies for the star athletes to workout on.

Neither of these brothers ever complained. Rather they were appreciative of the opportunity to just be in the same vicinity as men they had looked up to for the longest time. They gave their best effort to work and it paid off. The senior athletes started requesting the Hardys presence more often which led to more opportunities. Opportunities that meant full time work in the industry they dreamed of being part of.

4. Worked with passion
Over the years the Hardys took many beatings and performed embarrassing chores. As new guys in the professional world of wrestling they were given the least appealing tasks to do and were expected to make the superstars look good. They did it every night with gratitude and smiles. No matter what job they were given to do they gave it their best effort. They performed with passion which inspired both their peers and fans. Their passion at work resulted in their "promotion" to championship level many times and today both Hardys enjoy a level of success and accomplishment few professional athletes achieve.

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