Kate Gosselin loses court case - what happens next.

May 26, 2011 According to this story, Kate Gosselin recently lost at a court hearing she was at after being sued for over $10,000.00. She was being sued by a marriage counselor that was hired in 2009 to work with Kate and Jon through their troubled marriage. The counselor was asked to travel from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to meet the couple. The counselor billed Gosselin accordingly for the meetings and travel expenses. Kate stated that she shouldn't have to pay this $10,000.00+ bill because Jon was the one who needed counseling! Unfortunately, for Gosselin, the judge did not agree and gave a judgment in favor of the Pennsylvania counselor thus ordering Kate to pay. Gosselin says she will appeal.

What happens when you've been to court and a judgment is entered AGAINST you?
Assuming you forego any appeals process or lose an appeals process, the next step if a judgment is entered against you by a magistrate or judge will be a written notice to pay the amount awarded to the party who won the case. If you do not pay the winner of the judgment has several options. She can get a writ of execution from the court and hire a marshal or sheriff to exercise the writ. That could mean seizing money or assets of yours.

Other options include obtaining a lien against your property or having your wages garnished. None of these options are "easy" for the person trying to collect on the judgment, however, they are options that a motivated person may pursue. Selling the judgment to a collections agency is another option. Some collection agencies will buy the judgment for a fraction of the award amount hoping that their tactics will wrestle more than their purchase price out of you. Keep in mind that several of these options, such as liens and collections, can have a negative impact on your credit rating.

What happens if you've WON a judgment?
Simply asking for the payment is a good first start. Many people will just want the matter to be over with and will accept that they are not going to get any further after a judge has sided with you. However, if asking for payment is not working review the options listed above. You can get just about anyone's attention when they face a property lien, bad marks on their credit, a sheriff's deputy at their door, or another deduction out of their paycheck. Remember each of these options comes with another cost so carefully weigh that cost against the actual award amount of the judgment.


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