Gary Dourdan looking for mortgage assistance

The possibility of losing your home because you canít make the mortgage payments can be terrifying. Just ask Gary Dourdan, the former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation actor.

In 2004 the economy was great and Dourdan's career was going well. He took out a $922,000 mortgage which requires him to pay $5,000 a month. reports, "All was going peachy until Gary was laid off from his acting gig in 2010. The actor couldn't meet his monthly nut so he contacted Union Bank and asked for mortgage assistance, which he claims it was required to give him under California law." Now Dourdan is caught up in a legal mess with his mortgage holder trying to work out details of mortgage assistance he says they didn't properly handle.

In the January / February 2012 issue of The Quarter Roll Financial Entertainment Magazine the article Modify Your Mortgage & Give Anxiety The Axe spells out what homeowners need to know about mortgage assistance.

If Youíre Behind On Your Payments
If you are having trouble making your payments, contact your loan servicer to discuss your options as early as you can. The longer you wait to call, the fewer options you will have.

Many loan servicers are expanding the options available to borrowers Ė itís worth calling your servicer even if your request has been turned down before. Servicers are getting lots of calls: Be patient, and be persistent if you donít reach your servicer on the first try. Get the whole story here.

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