Ashton Kutcher fills Charlie Sheen's old job

ashton kutcher two half menMay 17, 2011 This past week we learned that Ashton Kutcher will be taking Charlie Sheen's place on Two and a Half Men. For the longest time Sheen had been telling us that the show wouldn't be able to replace him. His passionate oratory about his job and bosses made you realize he truly believed that. However, as we again see, while it may not be easy, anyone can be replaced at work.

E! Online just did a great story about 5 shows that replaced their stars and remained hits. NYPD Blue (twice), Cheers, American Idol, and Charlie's Angels were all shows that had a lead actor leave, but the show found a replacement that allowed the series to remain a hit. It is a good reminder that anyone can be replaced at work.

Back in December 2010 we wrote about a similar celebrity work situation regarding James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Harrison was quoted as saying he would consider retiring from the NFL because of a fine he received for a particular tackle he made on an opponent.

At that time we wrote, "Be especially careful about falling into the trap of thinking you are irreplaceable. Even James Harrison can be replaced. That is why the Steelers have second and third string players suited up on the sidelines. Just about anyone can be replaced with a substitute, temporary worker, or contractor very quickly, especially considering the state of our economy."

While Sheen's bosses say he was fired for "felony offenses involving moral turpitude, combined with his missed work, physical change and other alleged transgressions", Sheen says he was fully justified in publicly criticizing his bosses. Whatever the issue at work is, the bottom line is that safeguarding your income should be your primary concern throughout what ever issue you are having at work. Keep in mind that there are millions of unemployed people perfectly willing to replace your job! Don't threaten your standard of living by making an offhand remark in the heat of the moment. Take some time to assess your situation and make the move that is best for your income.

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