Does a celebrity's weight affect his or her earnings potential?

quarter rollJune 24, 2011 More importantly, is your weight affecting your earnings potential? Right or wrong aside, it is a fact that people will judge you on your appearance and that it is a factor in their acceptance of you. That includes finding meaningful work. Celebrities know this better than anyone. As a celebrity your weight plays a crucial factor in getting, and keeping, a job. And that isn't because we are concerned with their health. Producers know that we want to look at attractive people on our screens, and that is one reason we keep coming back.

Shannon Peace wrote the article
"Bathroom Scale Vs. Pay Scale: How Celebrity Weight Affects The Job". She discusses the obsession with weight in Hollywood, and how the ideal look on screen doesn't truly represent what we look like in the real world. However, even though the look Hollywood producers are after may be unrealistic, celebrities state they feel a real pressure to fit the mold if they want a paying job. Some celebrities that got renewed attention when losing weight were Drew Carey who got a job as The Price Is Right host, Jason Alexander and Valerie Bertinelli who both got jobs as Jenny Craig spokespeople. Other celebrities like Kelly Osbourne and Sara Rue grabbed attention when they dropped 40 pounds each.

Losing weight is good for many reasons.
Tired of being constantly tired and unmotivated, Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, started exercising and eating better early in 2010. During the next 12 months she lost over 50 pounds. Not only did she look better and have more energy, but Osbourne also noted that she felt more confident and was in a much better mood. She noted, “….exercising gets my endorphins going and really lifts my mood.”

Your physical and psychological health is what gives you the energy to work harder, which is integral to a successful career. Like Kelly Osbourne noted before her physical transformation, if you are always tired and unmotivated you just won’t want to get up and make good things happen for yourself. Your health is directly linked to the amount of energy, focus, and stamina you will need for the work ahead. Poor health is a burden that will just weigh you down.

Will your appearance affect your pay raise or job offer?

Here are some more tips about getting the job you want and (unfortunately?) they have nothing to do with your qualifications. Yahoo Finance posted an article titled "Ways Your Appearance Affects Your Paycheck". This article includes a group of individual studies and their findings on particular personal characteristics and their affect on how much you earn.

Some you may expect. Being tall, good looking, smiling, and dressed conservatively were all associated with higher salaries. However, there were a few you may not have expected such as, being blonde, wearing makeup, or having excellent posture, all said to give you a chance to make more money. Some studies said being overweight, short, or having facial hair can work against you.

Your appearance and its' affect on your job interview results isn't a new topic and it is generally agreed that interviewers do at least subconsciously judge job candidates by their appearance. Take a look at the factors listed in the two articles listed below. Have you seen any of these factors in play during an interview?

"Ways Your Appearance Affects Your Paycheck".

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