Dolly Madison's Networking Recipe

This former First Lady may have been best known for her ice cream recipe and making sure the White House portrait of George Washington was saved from an invading British army in 1814. However, did you know that Dolly Madison was a master networker and had one particularly unique networking strategy?

Mrs. Madison regularly wrote letters to prominent women across the country and asked them for recipes she could use at White House parties. Of course, these influential women were flattered that they were asked for their recipes, but it was Dolly who won friend after friend with her recipe networking!

Dolly had a knack for not only connecting with others, but helping them connect with each other. Her strategic recipe swaps gave her a format through which she connected influencers to each other and to herself. Many of the people she introduced to each other benefited from the new acquaintance and they rewarded Dolly with their favor and support. When it was time for her husband, James Madison, to campaign for a second term, Dolly was sure to enlist the help of her new recipe sharing friends in supporting the reelection of her husband.

When you think about networking are you looking out for others, connecting them, and introducing them to ideas or resources that would benefit them? The next time you are at a networking event, think about Dolly Madison's recipe networking and her SECOND four years as First Lady!

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