What Bosses Really Want

If you want to strengthen your job security it is a great idea to quickly learn what is important to your boss. What does she really want from the staff? Every boss is different just like every company, business, and work situation can be different.

However, there are certain things that every boss wants from their employees. Learn to deliver these basics every day and you will build a more stable position for yourself at work.

1. Show up on time.
It is shameful that this needs to be said, but too many people drive the boss crazy by not showing up for work at the scheduled time. Another variation of this issue is showing up right at the 9am start time, but spending 30 minutes going through your morning gossip/coffee/bathroom/logging on routine. Stand out by being ready to work 5 minutes early.

2. Don't complain.
Recognize the difference between giving the boss constructive feedback versus complaining. Bosses don't want to hear complaining - for example half of the staff thinks it is too cold while the other half thinks it is too hot. Bosses have lots of ways to deal with complainers - avoid/transfer/fire, etc. None of those options are good for you.

3. Be polite.
It is easy to forget about common courtesies during a fast paced work day. However, because we just don't seem to get it as much anymore we tend to be fond of those who treat us and others politely and with respect. Treat your boss and co-workers politely and you will be perceived as more likeable...a highly favorable trait in the workplace!

4. Don't bring your drama to work.
There are enough problems for your boss to think about at work let alone having to listen to your personal drama unfolding at your work space. Deal with personal phone calls or stories during your break times or when you've punched out for the day.

5. Be yourself.

Some employees get very nervous around the boss. This nervousness can become so bad that it makes the employee do or say things that they normally wouldn't. The boss is a person just like you. Relax when you are with the boss and use the opportunity to gain the boss's trust.

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