4 Reasons To Post A Professional Headshot Portrait

professional headshot portraitSocial media sites give us a chance not only to reach out and connect with the rest of the world, but also allow us to create the image of ourselves that we want others to see. You can do that through the words and updates you post, the bio you write, and the pictures you attach to your profile and account.

By now all job seekers should realize that recruiters and employers do not hesitate to check out your online presence before making a decision to hire you. What do you want them to see? Is your profile picture helping craft the overall online image you want to project to the world as a professional?

Some people think it is cute to put silly or even inappropriate pictures of themselves on their profile pages. Others don't put a picture up at all because they feel they are guarding their privacy or just don't like how they look. However, having something other than a professionally done headshot portrait could detract from the image you want others to see.

Here are 4 reasons to use a professional image of yourself online.

1. It shows confidence.
Would you hire someone that hides in a corner and is afraid to talk to customers? Probably not. However, when you look at someone's professional online profile and there is a blank space where a picture should be it sends a message. Why are you hiding from us? Will you hide when we need you to stand up in front of our customers or your peers at work?

Many people shy away from posting a picture of themselves online because they don't like how they look or are afraid others will judge them based on their appearance, but they forget that confidence is always the most attractive look. Post a picture that shows a confident look and you will attract many more interviews.

2. It builds confidence.
Being able to recognize someone helps build trust. The fact that a recruiter has seen your face before an interview will give them a degree of familiarity with you which immediately eases the tension of a first meeting. Many times you will hear employers or customers say "Oh I recognize you!" when first meeting someone because they've seen their picture beforehand. Their tone implies that they are more comfortable about you because they've seen you before. Give employers that same reassurance.

3. It shows your smile.
Smiling has some kind of magical power over people. When you smile at someone they will often smile back. We are attracted to people who smile and trust them. A smile trumps almost any other physical characteristic you can think of. Post your smiling face online and your entire profile begins to look much more appealing.


4. It shows you pay attention to detail.
There is a huge difference between a professionally done headshot and a homemade one. The fact that you took the time to get your picture done in a professional manner also sends a message. It can say to a recruiter that you are a person who cares enough about your professional image that you even pay attention to the minor detail of what your online picture looks like. It shows that you will dress appropriately, look confident in front of customers, and professionally represent yourself and the company.

Do you have a professional picture of yourself online for employers to see? Why or why not? MB

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