A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (But We Only Need Three)


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but really we are only after three words, right? "You are hired!" Patti Stranger, the star of Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker says on her blog, "Are you getting nowhere with online dating? The number one culprit for not getting a match is that you have a horrible picture. At Millionaire’s Club we require professional photos for all applicants, think of that photo as your first impression. You want to look your absolute best and a good professional photographer is going to bring that out in you. Get a good photo and add that to your profile, you’ll stand out among everyone else."

What does your photo say about you? Nearly all of us have some kind of online profile. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., and it is no secret that hiring managers are using the web to check you out before they call you for an interview. DatingWizard.com says, "Did you know you are 6 times as likely to get your profile noticed when you have a good profile picture rather than if you do not?" Will a hiring manager be more likely to call you if you have a photo online versus no photo? What if your photo is of you and your brother holding several cans of beer at last week's party?

Don't think your boss is looking at your online profile?
Don't think dating strategies have anything to do with getting a job?
Don't think your appearance has anything (or should have anything) to do with getting a job offer?

You might say it isn't the hiring manager's business to be looking at my profile, but it happens so you should be prepared for that. (By the way, are you working now? Guess what? Your boss, peers, employees, and co-workers are all looking at your online profile.....) Have a friend take a photo of you dressed professionally and post it online. It can only help your job searching efforts.


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