What If No One Calls You After A Great Job Interview?

What If No One Calls You After A Great Job Interview?Dating and job hunting have so much in common. For example, imagine you had a date that seemed to go incredibly well. Your date really seemed to enjoy himself. You both learned you had a lot of common interests, and the date even ended well with no awkwardness and there were promises to do this again. However, you didn't get called again. In fact, a week goes by and you didn't get called. How do you feel? What is going through your mind?

This same scenario is often played out almost exactly for a job seeker. She prepared for the interview. She looked the part. Talked the industry talk. She had a great interview and really connected with the hiring manager. The hiring manager seemed very pleased with the interview and promised to quickly get back to the candidate for follow-up. However, its been a week and nothing...no phone call, no letter. How does the job seeker feel? What is going through her mind?

Eharmony, an online dating site, suggests "One theory is simply that of narrative incompleteness. When you open yourself to the start of a potential relationship by going out on a date (or a few) – and it goes well- you often visualize the entire relationship (or at least all the good parts) based on this experience." The same is true with a job interview. Because it went so well, in your mind, you went ahead and finished the story. You got the job, everyone celebrated, and you went on to achieve new levels of career greatness.

But instead nothing happened and you feel empty. How do you deal with this feeling? Don't go there to begin with. The job interview (or date) is simply an initial exploration. You wont like everyone you meet, and everyone that meets you wont like you. Instead of waiting for the call you can do 1 of two things. Be the person to make the call and ask for a second meeting, or schedule more interviews with other companies! If you get called back, great! If not, you are already working on other options. Don't put all of your hope on one meeting.

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