Lying On Your Resume

I don't know how many times this has to be said before it starts sinking in....don't lie. Don't lie on your resume. Don't lie at your interview. Don't lie to your co-workers. Why?

Because today it is really, really easy to find out the truth. All of these liars seem to forget on thing when they lie. The internet. The web makes it really, really easy to find out the truth. Are you seeing a theme here? Lying is really stupid. Finding out the truth is really easy.

Who lies on resumes? Apparently, even CEOs of huge companies lie on their resume. Do CEOs of huge companies lie on their resume because they think no one will ask Google to verify what they are saying? Here is a story about former Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson lying on his resume.

Save yourself the aggravation of dealing with the mess of being called a liar when someone with an internet connection finds out the truth about you and just tell the truth from the start. People lie for all sorts of reasons, but in the case of job hunting one reason is that they have fewer real accomplishments than they should. Avoid this problem by achieving something meaningful today. Put those things on your resume.

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