Stealing lottery tickets is NOT a great strategy for making extra money!

Strategies to save moneyThere was a story in the Pittsburgh news about a guy who will not be celebrated as a criminal mastermind or even a good money saving strategist. On November 1, 2010, a man walked up to the busy lottery ticket counter of the Hempfield Township Giant Eagle grocery store. When the clerk and customers were not looking, he grabbed about $150.00 worth of scratch off lottery tickets, hid them under his shirt, and took off.

He has a couple things working against him. First, he must not have realized he was being videotaped, which made it relatively easy to get a description of him. Secondly, he made himself stand out even more by having a cigarette in his mouth the entire time he was standing at the counter.

Now with the entire city of Pittsburgh familiar with his face, he most likely will not have very long to enjoy his lottery tickets. If given the opportunity, my question to him would be "If you feel you need $150.00 extra this month why not earn extra money legitimately?".

Here are a few observations you may make when watching the video of this guy stealing the tickets:
1. He his not very observant – there was a camera aimed at him.
2. He was smoking while in the store.
3. He was patient enough to keep standing at the counter, even when other customers wouldn’t wait any longer.
4. He shops at Giant Eagle.

Here are a few suggestions on how he could save or earn extra money and could give up stealing lottery tickets.
1. Stop smoking - if he has been smoking only 1 pack per day, and he stops, he would save nearly $150.00 per month.
2. Use coupons when shopping at Giant Eagle. Some Quarter Roll readers have reported saving over $150.00 a month with sales and coupons this year.
3. Apply for a job at Giant Eagle and earn some extra money.
4. Stop gambling. No more buying or stealing lottery tickets.  
5. Become a mystery shopper. Wait a minute. Perhaps, the real mystery is what was going through this guy's head.

What are some other legitimate ways to earn extra money you would suggest to this guy?

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