Popular phrases to remember when planning your budget.

Popular phrases and your budget“It will work itself out.”
Ever hear the popular phrase “it will work itself out” in regard to some sort of dilemma? We have this phrase because there are problems that will literally work themselves out with no real intervention on our behalf. For example, a kink in your garden hose, a contact lens stuck under your eyelid, or a splinter in your thumb. Unfortunately, “it will work itself out” is position many people take with their money. That is when they discover another popular phrase “stuff happens”, and that you can’t “bury your head in the sand” until the problem goes away.

“Stuff happens!”
“It will just work itself out” never really works when it comes to managing your money. Some people are extremely careful about their spending habits, even without a budget, but they forget that “bad things can happen to good people”.

There is yet another popular phrase that describes the problem lurking behind even the most careful people, who are not formally managing their money with a budget. That phrase is “life is full of surprises”.

“Life is full of surprises.”
"Life is full of surprises" is a popular phrase that may make you think of exciting discoveries or unexpected help. I was surprised when the big boss gave me his unwanted football tickets, when my daughter came home from daycare and asked for a snack in Spanish, or when my neighbor cut my grass. The problem is that life seems to like balance. So not all surprises that it hands out will be good. It is those bad surprises that can severely stress your financial situation if you are unprepared for them.

Many bad life surprises are like a summer storm, however, in that there are often signs out on the horizon that trouble is coming. For example, there are things you depend on everyday in your life that we all know will not last forever. If you needed to suddenly replace your car, roof, bed, oven, or sofa and were not financially prepared to deal with those expenses your quality of life and financial situation will take a beating. A leaking roof, a bad transmission, and a broken faucet are things that happen, and are not going to work themselves out.

“Save for a rainy day.”
Realizing that life isn’t full of only good surprises allows you to arrange your budget now so that you can “save for a rainy day”! Ensure your quality of life and “be prepared” for the financial challenges that come your way!

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