Greased watermelon gives great budget lesson

Years ago when I was a kid I went to a summer camp, and played a game at the pool where the lifeguard threw a greased watermelon into the water between two teams of kids. Each team's goal was to grab the greased watermelon and get it out of the pool. Of course with grease, water, and other kids pulling at the round watermelon it was very difficult to hold onto it, let alone score a point! What we did have a lot of however, was flailing arms and legs, splashing water, and laughter! So, you may be asking "What does a kid's game of greased watermelon have to do with an article about stretching and saving money?".

The adult greased watermelon game.
Today, there are plenty of adults still playing the greased watermelon game. The grown up version of this game may look pretty much the same to the untrained eye, but there are a few differences. You see, instead of playing with a watermelon, they are playing the game with cash. Now, it seems as if their money is greased, and they're struggling to hold on to it.

Greased watermelon game is a lot like managing budget
Cash can be as slippery as a greased watermelon!

You will still see lots of wild, unfocused flailing about. There will still be people pulling at the hands of the person holding the cash. There will also be plenty of times the cash is stolen away, lost, recovered, and even lost again!

Where the game gets real slippery.
You can see this game being played just about any day and anywhere, but there are times with the game gets real intense. Ever been at a bar on Friday night? How about an amusement park with children? Shopping while on vacation? Sat in front of a slot machine? During events like these the cash really starts to fly!

Holding onto money should not be as difficult as holding onto a greased watermelon in the swimming pool on a hot July day. One of the tricks of winning at greased watermelon pool competitions is that you have to have both feet on the ground when you are holding the watermelon. That gives you a strong foundation. If you're swimming in the water, it is very difficult to hold onto that watermelon! The same is true with your money. You have to have a solid foundation, or you won't stand a chance of holding on.

How to win the game!
Creating and following a realistic budget is the cornerstone of a strong financial foundation. We can't hold onto money when we are spending wildly and indiscriminately, as if swimming with a greased watermelon. Build yourself a strong foundation through realistic budgeting, and you will be on your way to getting the most out of your money.

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