Robbing people during a job interview isn't a good way to stand out.

How to stand outFirst, let's talk about one way you should NOT stand out when you want to get a job. WTAE's website is reporting a story about a man who wanted to get a job at Subway. He applied for the job at the Homestead Subway, but as he was leaving decided to rob another person at gunpoint in front of the Subway restaurant. Of course, he gave his real address on the job application as he really does want the job.

There are millions of people who are trying to get a job. If you are one of them that means there is a lot of competition. How do you stand out? Robbing people in front of a store will make you stand out, but you will not get the job. Today, you need to demonstrate your initiative and difference in positive, unique ways.

One way many job seekers use to find a job is websites like Monster and CareerBuilder. It would be easy to believe that you are being efficient by applying for jobs online. Today, you can quickly review hundreds of jobs while sipping your morning coffee. Online job search companies can automatically forward your resume to potential employers and text job posting alerts to your cell phone, while you complete your morning workout and catch up on the talk shows.

The problem with using this technology is that everyone else is using it too. This recent story on makes the point that a pathetic 4% of open positions were filled by referrals from, a major player in the job website business.

Make yourself stand out by getting out.
Sure, use the websites to see who is hiring and then go knock on their door. Yes, you will have 9 out of 10 doors closed in your face. However, you will find the company that respects your initiative and talks to you rather than deleting your resume along with hundreds of others. If no one is available to talk to you leave your resume and calling card there, at the hiring manager’s office.

Having a receptionist hand your resume to the hiring manager is a great way to cut ahead of the digital resume line. It is better to be the one person standing at the door than one resume in 100 deleted to the trash bin.

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