5 Tips That Will Make Interviewers Hire You

stand out at job interviewWhat makes you marketable when looking for a new job? Do you have a special work skill that is in demand? What is it that you excel in and your potential employers’ value? Employers want to hire people that add value to their organization. That means they will pay for people that generate profit for the company. Having the skill that a particular employer is looking for is what makes you marketable. So how do you get that message across to employers? It is one thing to tell someone you can do the job, but having the opportunity to demonstrate your ability is what can move you from applicant to employee.  

With 4+ job seekers for every 1 job opening there is currently a lot of competition for jobs. Some may find it tempting to pad their resumes or exaggerate their experiences in order to make themselves stand out. Hiring managers aren’t unaware of this fact though. They want to see proof that backs up what you are telling them on your resume. Ever hear that seeing is believing? One way to prove you have the skills is to “talk the talk and walk the walk”. Do you behave and talk in a manner that an employer would expect from a professional in your line of work? 

You may have all the right experience and skills but if you can’t communicate those facts properly you won’t get a chance to demonstrate your ability. Many people talk about the importance of communication during the application process but how do you know if you are communicating your skills properly? 

Communication takes various forms. For example, you communicate through actions and behaviors, writing, talking over the phone or in person to an interviewer, or through your body language. Make sure that all your forms of communication are congruent with the skills required for the job. Comportment is important! If you are interviewing for a position that requires relaying accurate and concise information you won’t get far with long winded explanations and endless stories.  

These 5 communication hints will help you stand out at your job interview:

-Get to the point. Using flowery words and speech to impress an interviewer will show a lack of focus. State facts and cite examples in a succinct manner.

-Be confident. Now is not the time for modesty. Be ready to answer these questions with confidence: “What value do you bring to the company?” “Why do you want this much salary?” “Why are you the best candidate?”

-Be professionally assertive. Ask for an interview. Ask for a tour. Ask for the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Ask for the job. This shows you are serious about working here.

-Answer the question. Answer the question with enough information to demonstrate your experience and value, but remember interviewers are not looking for a college dissertation. Don’t tip toe around a question. If you don’t understand, ask for clarification.

-Give solutions. “Here is how I would solve that.” “Have you considered trying my XYZ solution?” “Our industry is currently experimenting with ABC.” 


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