Work from home: where to find legitimate opportunities to earn in your home office

Here is where to find legitimate work at home jobsAnyone from western Pennsylvania remember the winter storms from February 2010 or 2011? The incredible amount of snow and ice shut down roads, closed schools, stopped businesses from opening their doors, and caused a tremendous amount of home and property damage. Were you in a position where you had to drive to work through all of that? If so, did you ever wish you could give up the commute (snow or no snow) and just work from home?

There are many reasons to work from home today. Consider the financial and time cost of commuting, for example. There is fuel, insurance, and car maintenance costs. The average commute time is about 24 minutes one way; almost 1 hour every day. What else could you be doing with an extra hour each day?

Examples of work at home jobs you can find.

The Tribune Review ran an article in early 2010 that pointed out there are many types of work you can do from home. For example, you can work as a customer support representative, sales person, or virtual concierge from your home office. A few other examples are freelance work, data entry, taking surveys, and mystery shopping via the phone and internet.

One problem people run into when looking for work at home positions is finding credible companies to work for. When you search online for work at home opportunities you will often find people offering to help you for a fee. These are not legitimate options.

Companies that hire work at home employees.

Alpine Access is an example of an organization that offers work at home jobs. Alpine Access provides customer service to many organizations, including companies in Pittsburgh, that need to supplement their own workforce or are not in a position to create their own customer service department. Alpine Access agents work from home and answer calls from customers of Alpine’s clients. Examples of other organizations that do this are and

Many national companies, such as 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-CONTACTS, will also occasionally hire work at home agents through their own programs. A great resource to find these jobs is If you ever wanted to work with a specific company, but they did not have local job openings, or were not close enough to your home, the work from home option may provide you a way to get your foot in the door.

Are you finding jobs close to home?

Remember, that you do have to meet the criteria of the work at home employer. Having high speed internet access, appropriate office equipment, and the technical ability to use that equipment are always basic requirements.

Finally, a reason to explore work from home options is your local economy. Working from home allows you to apply for jobs across the country, not just in your own locality. You can find part time or full time work in a variety of industries. If you find yourself in a position where you can’t leave your home or you are finding few local job opportunities, take a look at working from home.

Here's another great list of legitimate work from home options from

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