Turn your expertise into job security

turn your special skills and expertise into job securityWhat are you really good at? Are you an expert at it? Developing and honing an expertise can be fun when it is something you are passionate about. However, in a time when job security is questioned, your expertise could be what makes you marketable in 2011. In an article posted by MSNBC even the most optimistic employment analysts believe it will be years before we can count on stable employment again. That means for now we need to be prepared with a employment back up plan. Developing your expertise in areas outside of your regular job can give you an advantage when it comes to saving or making more money during harder economic circumstances.

We will see how nearly any expertise, whether it is solving quadratic equations or calking bathtubs, can be leveraged into some form of financial security. You can use your expertise to earn, save, receive, and even create more money for yourself. Additionally, you will discover that the thing you are an expert at can be your safety net against tough financial times.

Elaine Pofeldt points this out in her article 5 New Rules To Get Your Next Job Or Keep Your Current One. She also mentions that it makes sense to be developing another career option to fall back on if your current job could be lost due to an economic downturn. Right now is the best time to aggressively work on developing your special skill or interest into an expertise. With economic uncertainty still hanging in the air it can be reassuring to have options available to you because of a skill or expertise you posses and can leverage into other opportunities.

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