Another strategy for saving money at Christmas time.

December 10, 2010 Do you give store bought Christmas cards during the holidays? Here is an incredibly fun, but completely free, alternative to a Christmas card. The average American household receives about 25 Christmas cards each year. Some people create their own and mail them, while others will buy them individually or in boxes. Just about any way you get a card to the recipient will cost you something. Personally, if I bought each of the 70+ people on my list, their own Christmas card and mailed them I could be looking at over $100.00 more in Christmas expenses!

This year I found a new way to send a fun and free holiday greeting. lets you personalize a message that is appropriate for friends, kids, co-workers, or family members. When you go through the website's templates and create your call you can put your name on it as well so that the person being called by Santa Claus will know that you arranged the call! Who wouldn't want to get a fun and personal call from Santa Claus? Use this holiday greeting instead of a Christmas card this year and you will save the cost of cards and postage and make your friends and family smile!

2011 Update: As of December 17, 2011 Google's site is up and running! Have fun!

Try! Then have some more fun with Financial Christmas Trivia!

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