Lots of ways to save money during the holidays

Here are some of great tips for saving money during the holidays!

From ismckenzie.com:
-Work from a Budget
-Research Ahead of Time
-Pay Cash
-Organize Your Shopping Time
-Donít Get Sucked in by a Sale
-Donít Buy for Yourself
-Track Your Spending
-Shop All Year
How to Save Money on Christmas Spending

From moneyedup.com
-Do It Yourself
-Limit Gift Giving
-Creative Entertaining
-Avoid Travel
-Be Energy Wise
How to save money before and during Christmas shopping


Here is a compilation of many ways to save money during the holidays
From gsmstnews.org
-Sell stuff
-Live off of the grocery stockpile
-Learn to negotiate
-Use your talent
-Consider Sending E-cards
-Shop prices, not sales
-Learn to say Ďnoí
-Carry only cash
-Use Coupons
-Consider shopping for homemade gifts
How to save money before and during Christmas shopping

From metrolic.com
-Prepare a budget and its limits
-Be a wise consumer
-Track your expenses
-Shop with a list
-Pay with cash
Tips For Saving Money This Christmas

Here is a compilation of many ways to save money during the holidays

From other8hours.com
-Post-Christmas clean up. If you didnít get your sap and needles fix this year, give the gift of clean up. Take down the tree, lights, and ornaments. Be sure to kick them out of the house so when they return everything has been put away.
-Entertainment. No, you donít have to sing for them. Set them up with iTunes, and if they already have an account at Netflix, show them how easy it is to stream 1,000s of movies to their TV.
-Accountability partner. This is when your nagging can really pay off. How would you like to have a weekly or monthly call with a good friend where you share your goals and what youíre doing to reach them? Itís a great way to stay on track and a great gift.
-Blog. Selling out version 1.0. If you have a popular blog or lots of Facebook friends, you could give the gift of promotion. Offer to write a piece about them or their company.
-Pitch their business. Selling out version 2.0. Do you have people on your list that have their own business? Maybe a CPA or someone who makes jewelry in their other 8 hours? If you like their work, offer to send an email or make a call to all of your friends about their business. It might lead to more business and youíre helping your friends find a great product or service.
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From allwomenstalk.com
-Ask family members to chip in with the costs
-Do not send Christmas cards
-Find a second job
-Make your Christmas presents
-Create your own Christmas decorations
-Only buy for those close to you
-Set a Christmas present budget per person
-Start saving at the beginning of the year
8 tips on saving money for Christmas...

From ThankfullyThrifty.com
-Shop secondhand
-Homemade gifts
-Throw your own party
-Avoid the bar
-Do your research
-Throw a kidís party at home
-Celebrate frugally
-Stay local
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