Summer Fun For Kids


Summer Fun At The Mall Teaches Kids How To Find Values!
Mike Bowman  

Here is a fun summer game you can play with your teens at the mall that also teaches them how to shop for values!

1. Create a list of popular summer items. For example: flip flops, swim suit, fan, baseball glove, picnic basket, volleyball, sun glasses, etc.

2. Take your teens (and maybe even their friends) to the family's favorite mall.

3. Split kids into teams (or if you are comfortable with them shopping individually, you can do that as well).

4. Tell the kids their challenge is to take the list and politely explore a variety of stores find the best value (comparison shop) on each of the items on your list.

5. Add up the best prices each team found. The team with the lowest dollar price for the entire list wins! (You determine the prize!)

6. If you want to really crank up the game, encourage your kids to politely approach a store manager and ask something like, "Hello. I am shopping for a baseball glove today. What is the best deal your store is offering?"


Shopping Items
1. Kite
2. Picnic basket
3. Boy's swimming trunks
4. Girl's shorts
5. Baseball glove
6. Roller blades
Example A
Team 1
1. Kite $4.57 at Kid's Park
2. Picnic basket $8.48 at Travel Shoppe
3. Boy's swimming trunks $7.19 at Penny's
4. Girl's shorts $5.29 at The Brooke
5. Baseball glove $34.50 at Logan's Lair
6. Roller blades $52.96 at Fancy Fun
Total: $112.99

Team 2
1. Kite $2.50 at Fun Times
2. Picnic basket $9.97 at Beaches
3. Boy's swim trunks $11.40 at Megan's Place
4. Girl's shorts $12.79 at The Corner Store
5. Baseball glove $29.69 at Action Sports
6. Roller blades $41.98 at New & Used
Total: 108.33   Team 2 wins!

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