Saving money in an ever changing world of technology tim weeksSaving money in an ever changing world of technology
Tim Weeks

In today’s high tech world, computers are an integral part of business and personal life. With the “latest and greatest” thing coming out every three months it can be a daunting task to understand what you really need versus what is simply hype. You can go online and read articles or talk to your peers about what they are using, but all that takes time.

When it comes to technology for business the most important thing to keep in mind is that the needs of your business drive your technology needs, and never the other way around. One of the most common reasons we hear people think they need to replace a computer is because it is too slow. Here are a few tips for maximizing your technology, and avoiding unnecessary upgrades.

1. Inventory your technology, both hardware and software, so you know what you have. You can use that information to plan for necessary upgrades and budget accordingly.

2. Install necessary updates for Windows and other software regularly to make sure your computers are protected and running correctly.

3. Perform general maintenance on your computer using built in tools or free programs. This can include defragmenting your hard drive, running virus scans, and clearing out your temporary files.

4. Backing up your data regularly can help to reduce the cost of recreating information in the event that a hard drive fails. Many times this can be a low cost replacement that can eliminate the need to replace an entire computer.

5. Blowing the dust out of the tower or vacuuming out the vents on a laptop can also be a great way to reduce the ware on the fans, and reduce the heat of the computer. This should be done with caution though so as to not damage anything inside the computer.

6. A good surge protector can protect your computer from even small surges that you may not even notice.

7. Finally understanding how technology is used in your business will help with proper budgeting and avoiding unnecessary upgrades.

While computers can and do fail, just like a car, general maintenance can help you get the most out of your investment. Always remember that upgrading for the sake of upgrading is never a good investment.

Tim Weeks is the VP Sales & Marketing at TeamLogic IT located in Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

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