Jennifer Jueng of Mickey TravelsSame great vacation….less money.
By Jennifer Jeung of Mickey Travels

It’s that time of the year when everyone is starting to think about their “summer” vacation plans; where to go, when to go, who to go with and what will it cost? During a time when vacations are more important than ever for families and for mental health, vacation costs are on the rise. As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner it is my job to provide a quality Disney vacation to my clients that meets their budget. By following the tips I have listed below you can also enjoy a vacation without financial worry.

1) Take a Non-“Summer” vacation. If your schedule allows it, travel during the off seasons or value times of your vacation destination. This allows you to travel at a lower cost with less crowds and better weather

2) Purchase a vacation packages. There is an automatic savings built in to these packages and the “all-inclusive” feel of them makes your vacation all the more relaxing.

3) Watch for Special Offers. Keep your eyes open for special offers for your destination of choice. If your schedule is flexible plan your vacation during these special offers and take advantage of fantastic savings.

4) Invite some people to go along. Consider turning your vacation into a friend or family reunion. It’s often less expensive to split the cost of a condo, house or villa then it is to rent a resort room for one family.

5) Work with a vacation specialist. In addition to making all of your vacation arrangements, specialists pay close attention to special offers. If you work with a specialist you know that you are getting the most accurate and best deal possible. In addition they can be a wonderful source of money saving tips and recommendations.

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