Living Without Health Insurance

Anyone of us can have our economic rug pulled out from under us at any time and be thrown into a paycheck drought. You don’t even need to lose your job in order to lose health insurance. Many employers have eliminated or reduced traditional employment benefits, such as health insurance, rather than reduce the labor force. It is our responsibility to accept that fact and then prepare for it. Hopefully, we will never have to face losing our income, health insurance, or other economic benefits. However, today’s reality is that we must be prepared for hard times.

Alternatives when living without health insurance

In this article we will focus on some ideas on how to live without health insurance and maintain your quality of life. While not all of the options are free nearly all of them are inexpensive alternatives to insurance. If you lose your health insurance you may not be in a position to purchase it on your own, even through COBRA. While the COBRA law can help to some extent it will not last indefinitely.

Many of the things that will help you survive periods of no health insurance are preventative behaviors, alternative medicine, and more affordable care options. The list included in this article is certainly not all inclusive or a thorough analysis of each option, but rather an attempt to get you thinking about your own personal situation and the alternatives available to you during your non-insured time.

Top 10 Health Problems in America (listed on
According to the Mayo Clinic

Heart Disease. Their suggestion: healthy diet and stop smoking
Cancer / particularly lung cancer. Their suggestion: stop smoking
Stroke. Their suggestion: stop smoking, exercise, and maintain healthy weight
Respiratory Disease. Their suggestion: stop smoking
Traumatic injury. Their suggestion: defensive and sober driving
Diabetes. Their suggestion: exercise and healthy diet
Alzheimer’s Disease. Their suggestion: exploring the disease’s link with heart disease and with head injuries
The flu and pneumonia. Their suggestion: regular vaccinations
Kidney Disease. Their suggestion: control your blood sugar and blood pressure
Septicemia. Their suggestion: avoid infections by keeping clean and don’t let infections fester, deal with them right away.

Even before you see a threat of losing your health insurance start preparing for that possibility. It may be helpful to start out by identifying the most pressing health issues we will face. When you are aware of the main threats to your health you are in a better position to proactively address them before they become unmanageable and require expensive and intense medical care. As you will see, many of the threats against your health are things that can be dramatically reduced through proactive behaviors.

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