Top 5 Home Improvements That Save The Most $$$
By The Quarter Roll Team

Exclusive from our March / April 2012 issue

Donnie Darragh, of Energy Swing Windows in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, knows firsthand that a penny saved, is a penny earned, and every penny counts, especially when they are added up on your utility bills. With rising energy costs, saving money on your home’s fuel bills is not only prudent, but necessary.

Improving your homes energy efficiency is an investment that pays for itself, but what are the most effective ways of doing that? With 15 years of experience making home improvements throughout Western Pennsylvania Darragh knows which of his products bring the most savings to his clients.

The Quarter Roll team recently asked Darragh to name the top 5 investments someone could make in their home that would generate the most energy cost savings.

Darragh states the following are the top 5 home improvements that pay for themselves:
1. Properly installed, energy efficient windows.
2. Entry doors.
3. A properly ventilated roof.
4. Attic insulation.
5. Insulated siding.

Of course, home improvements mean an initial up front cost, however, over time energy efficient home improvements pay for themselves, increase the value of your home, and reduce the amount you are paying for heating and cooling your home.

Energy Swing Windows offers a free booklet on the ethics and competency you should expect from a contractor, plus they have an educational website at

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