Keep Salon Hair Color Vibrant In the Hot Summer Heat.

uforia salonEnjoying summer time fun in the sun this year? Many of us think about protecting our skin from the intense summer rays before heading out to enjoy the weather. However, have you thought about your hair? Intense sunshine can damage your hair and fade its color. At Uforia Salon we suggest the following tips that will help you maintain your salon quality hair color during those bright and sunny summer days.

1) Add equal amounts of sunscreen to your favorite conditioner; apply liberally to damp hair before going to the beach or pool.

2) Wear a big beautiful floppy hat and protect your hair, face and shoulders.

3) My favorite home remedy for dry hair is an avocado and olive oil hair mask.

What you need: ½ half pitted avocado and ¼ cup olive oil (more for long hair)
-Puree in blender to a smooth paste.
-Apply to clean damp hair and cover with a plastic cap or hot moist towel and wait 45 minutes.
-Shampoo and style.

4) Remove all product buildup from hair by mixing 2 tablespoons baking soda to 1 cup hot tap water. Apply to clean damp hair, massage for 1 minute, rinse, condition and style.

Why I do what I do………

Hairdressing is a creative art form that brings great satisfaction, and joy to me because I love serving others.

When I create a new look for someone, it is a self-image transformation that can uplift in a positive way how my client feels and relates to the world; they actually light up from the inside out. And that my friend… what makes my day. Kathy

Kathy Safchik is the owner of Uforia Salon, an award winning salon and spa in Monroeville, near Pittsburgh, PA that gives you the best of both worlds. Uforia is a salon and holistic wellness center merged as one, offering the balance of inner and outer beauty. Learn more at
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