Professional Photography Tips For Preserving Summer Memories

So you bought a new camera and are not sure what to do with it? Here are a few good tips to take better portrait photographs this season from MBK Photography.

1. When photographing friends or family, be sure to take a look at the background you’re putting them in to be sure that objects do not appear to be growing out of their heads.

2. Lighting is very important. The best time of day for great outdoor portraits is early morning or late day when the shadows are long or believe it or not, an overcast day. If the sun is high in the sky and light is in your subjects’ face they will have dark circles under their eyes. You may want to put them under some shade and use a fill flash or a reflector to even the light.

3. Be creative; have fun using objects in the foreground such as flowers or branches to create framing. Photograph from above or below your subject or tilt your camera slightly.

Travel Photography. If you would like to learn more about travel photography join our one of a kind workshop in the Royal Kingdom of Jordan in October 2012, where you will travel with like-minded people creating breathtaking images.

Learn more. Mary Beth Kratsas is the owner of MBK Photography, a full service studio in Monroeville, PA. She has been photographing for over 30 years and can turn your photo into a work of art! For additional specials and information visit Happy Photographing!
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