How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Home Improvement Contractors
By Energy Swing Windows, Murrysville, PA

Independent studies have revealed that 70% of Pennsylvania homeowners would not recommend or use a contractor that they previously hired. This dissatisfaction is the result of homeowners being inexperienced in choosing the right contractor, and not knowing what factors are most important to achieving long-term happiness with home improvement projects. Here are some guidelines to follow to help you avoid getting ripped off while your home is being remodeled:

1. Demand To See Proof Of Insurance—A reputable contractor will carry at least $1,000,000 of liability insurance to cover potential damage to your home. If he doesn’t, you are likely to pay for any damages yourself. Plus, al-ways get proof of Worker’s Compensation insurance for every single person who will work on your property. Many contractors don’t provide it, and if an injury occurs, you could be sued for thousands of dollars.

2. Hire A Contractor That Uses Employee Installers—Many companies hire sub-contractors who are paid by-the-piece to have your work installed. As a result, the job is done as quickly as possible, often leading to the improper installation of your products and, ultimately, voiding the product warranties. Get it in writing from any contractor that all installers are their employees.

3. Beware The Fine Print On So-Called Lifetime Warranties—Warranties can be the most confusing aspect of the home improvement process. Most homeowners assume that all lifetime warranties last forever and cover every-thing, but that’s not true. Examine the fine print to ensure that a contractor’s lifetime warranty covers the manufacturing and installation of your product—as well as any labor charges associated with servicing it—for at least as long as you live in your home. Most “lifetime” warranties fall far short of this.

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