Did John Rockefeller hand out nickels and dimes?

Did John Rockefeller really hand out nickels and dimes to children?
Yes, he did! When he went walking he had one pocket full of nickels and another pocket full of dimes! Wikipedia says, "John Rockefeller became well known in his later life for the practice of giving dimes to adults and nickels to children wherever he went. He even gave dimes as a playful gesture to wealthy men, such as tire mogul Harvey Firestone". However, Rockefeller didn't just give children a nickel. He also gave them a short message about saving the nickel and working hard. He told the children to work hard and be frugal, and that the coins were for saving, not for indulgence! It is estimated that Rockefeller gave out between 20,000 and 30,000 nickels and dimes during his lifetime and is said to have preferred giving you a nickel versus his autograph!

Source: Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Chernow, (1998) p. 61314

rockefeller dimes to poor

Visitors to Lake View place dimes on John Rockefeller's grave in hopes of gaining Rockefeller-like wealth. Source
Many Rockefeller dimes and nickels are treasured to this day. Source
A picture of John Rockefeller giving dimes and nickels. Source
By 1920 Rockefeller already had become famous for handing out dimes. Source
John Rockefeller Dimes Held By Hundreds in Nyack Source

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