Job Certifications and Job Licenses List

Various certifications and licenses.
Certifications and licenses vary greatly in the amount of education, cost, and experience required to achieve them. There are much different requirements for a personal trainer versus a real estate agent, for example. There is often an educational requirement, and/or a previous work experience requirement. There is always a comprehensive exam (whether that be in the classroom, the field, or both) and there will be a recertification or continuing education requirement in order to keep your skills sharp and current.

They do give you an advantage when looking for a new job; one reason is that fewer people hold them. Here is a partial list of occupations that require some kind of license or certification. What appeals to you? Which one do you think would help you find work more quickly if you had to?

Licensing and educational requirements can vary state to state.
Barbers Manicurists Librarians (some states) Certified Financial Planner
Massage Therapist Shampoo assistants Electrologists Private detectives
Midwife Massage therapists Fork truck driver Notary
Occupational therapists Paralegal Polygraphy Examiner Taxidermist
Casino gaming license Personal Trainer Florists Cisco Certified Voice Professional
Fortune tellers Series 7 Securities Representative Interior designers Project Management Professional
Series 63 Uniform Securities Agent Security Guard Firearms Permit Master Beekeeper certification Commercial Driving License (CDL)
Act 24, 33 & 34 Clearances in PA when working with children
Series 6 Investment Company Products/Variable Life Contracts Representative


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