5 New Years Resolutions For The Best Year Of Your Life!

Many people will use the New Year to set goals for themselves and have the best intentions on following through on those resolutions. Some people will be successful, but why will others struggle? The problem isn’t a lack of ability, but a lack of stability. People who accomplish their resolutions typically have this revelation first: you stand a much better chance of accomplishing your new goals if you have a strong foundation on which you are living your life.  
A good foundation consists of these “5 Ms”: Mouth, Muscles, Marriage, Mind and Money. Focusing on one of these each week, and practicing more positive behaviors in each category, will build a strong foundation in your life.  

Week 1: the 1st M: Mouth. Focus on nutrition this week. What you put in your mouth has a dramatic influence on your ability to learn, teach, and focus, as well as be energetic, creative, and productive. Why? Well, if you are not getting the proper nutrients or worse yet, filling up on junk you will spend more time fighting off sluggishness and / or illness than working hard toward meaningful goals.
Get these: water, vitamins, grains, lean protein / Avoid these: sugar, salt, saturated fat

Week 2: the 2nd M: Muscles. Begin some form of physical activity this week. Exercising your muscles does to your body what a transmission flush does to your car – it drains the waste out and allows new nutrients in. Physical exertion forces blood through your body harder and with each pump the toxins are picked up and you sweat them out. The exercise facilitates the removal of “junk” from your blood and then helps create new, energizing blood that is going to give you the energy to work harder on your goals.  

Week 3: the 3rd M: Marriage. Invest in your relationship. The strength of your marriage or committed relationship will directly influence the success of all your other ventures. If there are problems at home they will follow you wherever you go. Conversely, a strong and healthy home life will make dealing with outside challenges must easier. Invest time in strengthening your relationship with your partner this year and reap the benefits of a sound relationship.  

Week 4: the 4th M: Mind. Anyone who studies regularly will tell you that the more you learn the more you realize what you didn’t know! What you don’t know could cost you dearly. Reading that entertains can relax you but make time to study subjects that teach you skills that are applicable to building your foundation and reaching your goals. Having more useful information will allow you to find more effective ways to accomplish what is important to you.  

Week 5: the 5th M: Money. Properly managing your money is key to staying out of debt, providing regularly improving quality in your life and that of your family’s, and allowing you to take advantage of rare and advantageous investing and purchasing opportunities. Learn to efficiently and aggressively manage your money so that you are maximizing the value you receive from every one of your dollars.  

Properly nourishing your body along with eliminating the junk from your diet will give you the energy to be more physically active. Working harder physically will further flush the toxins out of your body and leave you feeling healthy and energetic. Use that energy to invest into the relationship you have with your partner and the support you get in return will have a positive affect on all other areas of your life. With a healthy body and relationship you can clearly focus on learning new skills such as managing your money and maximizing the value you receive out of every single dollar you earn. Now that your health, relationship, and finances are in order you will have a strong platform on which to accomplish your 2010 goals! GET STARTED!

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